Welcome to Sweet Sensation specializing in: Body Sugaring, Skin Care/Facials, Brazilian Bikini, Eyebrow Arching and Threading. With beauty and attention to personal detail in the public eye now more than ever, it's important to look your best. Now you don't have to worry about all the pain of waxing or other forms of hair removal. Zhila at Sweet Sensation specializes in body sugaring.

Body Sugaring is a technique developed thousands of years ago in the middle eastern countries. This process is better for your skin and less painful than waxing or tweezing. Zhila has over 15 years experience and knowledge in body sugaring. This same process can be applied to the entire body.

When it comes to your eyebrows you want them to look great. You're eyebrows express things you think and feel. Looking at this from an artist's standpoint Zhila will sculpt your eyebrows to perfection.

So you owe it to yourself to stop by and experience the peaceful relaxing atmosphere of Sweet Sensation. If you haven't tried body sugaring you have no idea what you're missing. Call Sweet Sensation and find out.
Plucking vs. waxing vs. threading...

Summers in Houston force many of us to adopt a less-is-best approach to everything. With the exception of air conditioning, that is.

The approach works not only for fashion, but also for beauty as well. Most women put away their heavy foundations and dark colors, opting for a lighter, more natural look.

Along with bronzed skin and soft, glossy lips, eyebrows take center stage during the long, hot summer. This is the ideal time to take control of your brows, so I turned to two experts for advice.

Iranian-born Zhila Golshan learned threading, a Middle Eastern method of hair removal, as a child. Her mother took her along when she got it done, and Golshan quickly picked up the technique.

Bill Olive : For the Chronicle

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